(Originally published in Violet7 Magazine, March 2015 Violet7 Archive password is paris)

This weekend in the 1st arrondissement, upscale concept store Colette hosted a pop-up for Glossier, the new product line from Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss and the rest of the Into the Gloss team.   Weiss started Into the Gloss in 2010 and has grown it into the go-to beauty source for the demographic that isn’t interested in just another rote slideshow of products and looks. With long-form interviews and essay-style product reviews, Into the Gloss turns the beauty routines of notable women into stories, allowing interviewees speak without constriction of where their products fit into their lives. As a longtime ITG devotee I was extremely excited to meet Weiss, and in person she was friendly, laid back, and eager to chat with those who came to the pop-up about Glossier products.


The four-piece “Phase One” set, which launched in October, contains the Balm Dotcom universal skin salve, Priming Moisturizer, Soothing Face Mist, and Perfecting Skin Tint.  More recently launched is a facemask duo- the Megagreens Galaxy Pack for detoxifying, and the Moisturizing Moon Mask for restorative hydration. The products were there solely to be tested, but Weiss says they are working to eventually sell in Colette (unfortunately she could not give a timeline).


The packaging and type are simple, cleanly color blocked, plastic and tin. A sheet of stickers accompanies your purchase: “Glossier” in a few designs, clusters of stars, the rogue three-eyed smiley face. The small-batch, unpretentious feel of the Glossier products is quite a feat for a company that is working to go multi-national, but to ITG’s readers, raised on the colloquial, wide-open nature of the site’s pieces, it will seem just right.


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